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Red Kremlin, Red Square with reddish stars all over the place are probably the most popular features of Russian-themed art. Still, as with borsch in Russian cuisine, red may be the most recognizable, but not the only color in the menu. Prepare for golden domes and white stonewalls, Soviet skyscrapers of latte-colored gothic, pastel hues of Moscow baroque and chromatic Russian Revival! Find out what “izrazets” is, and why we mourn the lost art of making them, and what “khrushchyovkas” are and why we hope that their secret is lost forever.

Learn more about Soviet constructivism which threatened to turn Moscow into a dystopian capital of the world, but ended up creating only a handful of buildings. One of them, by the way, is Shukhov hyperbolic broadcasting Tower, which encouraged first Russian science-fiction writer A. N. Tolstoy to write his famous ‘the Garin Death Ray’.
And NO, the tower is NOT a weapon of mass destruction. We didn’t say anything.

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Kolomenskoye Barton

See the former estate of Russian monarchs. Here, among tranquil nature, you may stroll through the wooden halls of tzar Alexis’ I reconstructed palace or admire beautiful white churches of 16-18 centuries

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Stalin Empire Style

Moscow is full of neoclassic buildings adorned with statues of mighty peasants, workers and other heroes of communism folklore. Through 40s and 50s, they were excessively pumped with lofty art deco and barocco elements until gave birth to eclectic Stalin empire style.

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Rebellious Constructivism

Some of these buildings look like they were meant for robots. Some – like they are ready to release waves of extraterrestrial invaders. This is probably the moment, when artists decided that all contemporary art should look as alien and awkward as possible!

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Old Moscow

Houses of merchants and estates of nobles, monasteries and churches, Russian revival and ancient stone walls… See the old Moscow and hear stories about its past, from ancient and medieval times and to the last days of Russian monarchy.

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Moscow Subway

When you first get to explore Moscow, you don’t usually notice much of socialist realism and you wonder: “hey, where is the soviet culture hiding?” To get to it, you need to descend to the Moscow underground system. Enter the temples and museums of communism, explore the tombs of USSR architecture.

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You may engage in a number of strolls throughout the city, to see the city how Muscovites do. A guide will introduce you to different styles of architecture and tell intricate stories about buildings and estates.