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Ready to explore Russian theatre or cinema, but afraid you won’t understand a thing? Don’t worry, a big part of audience doesn’t, especially if we are talking about ballets or Tarkovski’s movies!

Joking aside, nowadays there is a great deal of English speaking or subtitled performances in Russia.This is your chance to explore the world of Russian theatre and cinema. And if you suppose, that the latter is a eulogy on communism, you’re in for a surprise! What started with “Battleship Potemkin”’s mutiny, bloomed into Eisenstein’s historical drama, sad space travels of Georgy Danellia, Gaidai’s cheerful satire on the world of moonshine and socialism, and much more. These people caught and refined the zeitgeist of Soviet and post-Soviet ages. Just lean back and enjoy.
Also, as many young film directors and amateur theatrical troupes appeared recently in Russia, you are welcome to try the most contemporary performances and festivals, engage in discussions and possibly meet your future colleagues and partners


Theatre on Strastnoy

Small building, small entry and plenty of people around for all performances that are played there. You are entering and just walking into a magical atmosphere of friendship, young intelligent people, and famous actors (but of course you are not gonna to recognize them because it will be pretty funny if you know at least one). Everybody is smiling (yes, we smile in Russia) and everybody is full of wish to enjoy the play. We have been there plenty of times and all the programs there were just something special and full of the energy! Why? Because the actors are always in contact with the spectaculars, because the stage is always welcome to all actors and ready to work with all young and faithful to the stage people. Because it’s opened for all who is hungry with art.

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International Centre of Dance and Performance "Tsekh"

Center TsEKh is dedicated to establishing fertile artistic environments and an efficient infrastructure for contemporary dance in Russia. In the first 10 years of its work TsEKh has managed to develop high standards of professionalism, establish national and international cultural links, and become an expert and highly regarded consultant in Russian contemporary dance field. The activities run by TsEKh emphasise the independent and innovative character of Russian dance theatre today, an art form which is an important and integral part of Russian culture. 

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 Ballet & Opera in Bolshoy

 The Bolshoy Theatre is the treasury of Russian opera and ballet art.

It opens its doors to all categories of audience: little ones who love colorful day performances and adults in marvelous outfits hastening to see evening shows. Russian experienced ladies make a very special group of theatre habitués. They know a lot of details and are always ready to be the main critics. For foreign guests The Bolshoy is a unique experience and a symbol of Russia. (Don’t forget to buy chocolate glazed sweets Vdohnovenie!)

The Bolshoy is an expert in creating a solid impression of how Russian art life functions. 

It is definitely one of the most important must-see attractions! 

Day or evening performances don’t make your only chance to visit this spectacular place. Morning excursions will lead you through. Find out what are architectural features, immerse into special world of behind-the-scenes and feel what actors feel standing on the stage.

Get your chance to visit one of the upcoming premiers or a well-known setting of famous Tchaikovski’s Eugin Onegin or The Nutcracker! The repertoire is very broad


Student Plays in the Institute of Theatrical Arts

What can be more exciting than performance by young talanted students of different theatre schools? Bright, fresh and always exciting to watch!

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 Sovremennik Theatre

 Sovremennik is as special as any other theatre in Moscow. It has its own lifestory, uneasy process of self-creation and unstoppable will of artistic development. Founded by a group of young fresh-minded actors at the times of post-Stalin epoch it was representing the new way of staging performances. The troupe wanted to show their attitude towards the consequences of World War Two, to decide together which play to choose and how to interpret it.
Yet many people will confess in their warmest feelings towards Sovremennik. A wide range of plays is performed daily during the season (September-June): from Tennessee Williams to modern Russian play writers.
Amasing acting that artists perform on the stage will break the language barrier and touch all hidden strings of your soul.
Experience Russian theatre!

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There are plenty of places in Moscow where you can watch movies in original languages or with subtitles: Kinosreda, Illusion, 35 mm and wide range of art-cafes that offer good meals and nice atmosphere to accompany the movie.


 Moscow walks: image from soviet and contemporary movies

Moscow streets are rich with nostalgia thanks to our favorite movies. You are welcome to walk these streets with us and learn more about both Moscow and Russian cinema.

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 Making video with our young director Dee

You've probably seen enough movies already, so let's turn off the tv and start making new ones!


 Russian Cartoons

Soyuzmultfilm (Union Animation Film) is a Russian animation studio based in Moscow. Over the years it has gained international attention and respect, gathering numerous awards both at home and abroad. Noted for a great diversity of styles, it is regarded as the most influential animation studio of the former Soviet Union. The studio has produced 1530 films during its existence.


 Visiting the Studio Pilot

Pilot became the first private cartoon studio in Soviet Union. Meet a cartoonist from the studio and learn more about the history of russian animation and it's contemporary state.