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Nowadays the contemporary culture of Russia is partly European and US oriented but still has a unique core. A new culture was born and has been raised during hard 90's when we finally got our freedom to do whatever but became confused what exactly to do. Since that moment and during 00's we could observe a great and sometimes uncontrolled splash in all cultural spheres, such as cinema, music, art. The same situation happened in young people’s minds.

Russia is inhabited by representatives of numerous subcultures: from American post hard-core tough guys to Japanese anime lovers. And of course there are people who don't want to be influenced by any other culture but their own which is very complicated yet very powerful and beautiful. They create poetry, fashion, movies, independent musical projects - art that can be a great mixture of different cultural codes from all over. However all that you can still call «Russian» with no doubts.

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Noor Bar

Moroccan orange lights, roundish mirrors, walls painted in a Dick Tracy style and ones of the best

cocktails in Moscow!

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Pay a visit to the world of Moscow graffiti and street art at Sretenka Street. 

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Multimedia Art Museum

Find out more about Russian Art’s past and present through contemporary photography. Oh, yes, and you can sunbathe or play snowballs on the roof as well! 

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Strelka Institute

They call it “the Stock Exchange for Creativity”. A Variety of lectures, conferences, film screenings and workshops will satisfy any buyer, seller or broker of fresh ideas.

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Museon & Gorky Park

Relax in a hammock among trees and grass, or check out a huge skating-rink if it is wintertime!