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Russians are used to speak ironically of many of their national treasures, but art is not one of them. Art is serious. Art is about us, should it show peaceful “Moscow courtyards” or piles of sculls, saints or black squares.

Caught between East and West, Russian artists head-on met waves of “classical” and “realistic” invaders from Europe as well as charms and enchantments of Eastern cultures. Mixing them up, while not forgetting national heritage, created a unique and many-sided world of Russian visual art. It is embodied in enigmatic moon-lit works of Kuindzhi, in Hellenistic Pan in a grove of birch-trees by Vrubel, in tranquility of Levitan’s sceneries and drama of Surikov’s historical illustrations. Lifting the lid of this treasure box, you may at first peek notice only the blackness of Malevich’s “square”. But as you start digging deeper…

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Rodchenko School

Visit a school of contemporary photography with a plentiful schedule of workshops, performances and otherwise interesting and useful stuff.

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Museum Of Private Collections

Here you can find generous amounts of both Russian and foreign visual art from private collectors, artists themselves or their patrons. Generous amounts of regular new exhibitions included.

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Multimedia Art Museum

Find out more about Russian Art’s past and present through photography. Oh, yes, and you can sunbathe or play snowballs on the roof as well!

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Tretyakov Gallery

“The foremost depository of Russian fine art in the world.” – Wikipedia proclaims. We humbly agree.

(Konstantin Yuon)

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En plein air

Birch groves and golden domes, Moscow architecture or Russian Countryside are at your service. See for yourself and depict for others to see!

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 Museum Of Naive Art

This cute green building houses paintings with as much of erroneous geometry, childish simplicity and unrefined colors as needed for a proper contemporary art.

(Nico Pirosmani "Beauty")

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 British Higher School of Art and Design

Master-classes, workshops, lectures, seminars, performances, lessons… You’ll be stuffed with this cherished stuff before you can say “What’s so British about that?”

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 The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

We dare not quote Wikipedia again, you must have to look it up yourself. Obviously, can’t fit all information inside this little paragraph. No, really, this place is pretty big! It tells the story of the visual art from the Ancient World to the Contemporary Age.

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Moscow MoMA

Want to know more about avante-garde? Learn, how it all started, see, how it looks and feels now!

(Alexander Sokolov)

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 Garage Gallery

This place is for the contemporary art that is already a classic.


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 Central House Of Artists

It is not just a museum. Not only a cinema and concert hall. Not a simple place for gatherings and festivals. This place is the center of professional aesthetic help in Russia.