As any art it starts in hearts and minds. Russian music is a perfect illustration of how vivid and turbulent history can be reflected in minds and inspire creative personalities. From lively and melodic folk motives to luminous and emotional flows of Tchaikovsky’s masterpieces, from Rachmaninov’s nostalgic compositions to the moody philosophies of Russian rock of 80s. Yet that is not all as this music may also drop you into an enigmatic woodland of Russian fairy tale, rebellious soviet jazz concert, or even lift you up to spiritual reflections on the voices of orthodox liturgy. Immerse into the cascade of sounds. Close your eyes and… listen! 

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Glinka’s Museum

See the house, where the father of Russian classical opera lived and hear the fabulous ANS, world’s first photoelectronic and polyphonic synthesizer! 

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Have a small guitar and a big café while listening to vinyl records or participating in a master class!


 Old Arbat

For those dutiful kids there are music schools, for those naughty ones there is the Old Arbat. Actually, even those studying in Moscow Conservatory quite often give open-air performances on this big old street.

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 Scriabin’s Museum

This is the house of famous Russian composer Alexander Scryabin and here you may listen to his piano pieces in his own performance! Yes, they have a mechanical piano with Scriabin’s records on them. Cool, ha? 



That’s where most people in Russia satisfy their urge for classical music. You are invited to participate!

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 Pokrovsky Theatre

Probably, one of the most world-famous Russian musical theatres. Enjoy entertainment more or less traditional or more than usual contemporary.

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Moscow philarmony

Visit the major concert hall of one of the biggest musical societies in Europe!

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 Bolshoi Theatre

Visit backstages and dungeons of the famous theatre and explore closely the world of scenic art and acting

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 Composer’s Union

Unsheathe your instrument and be ready to jam with Russian jazzmen.

And something more that you can find here

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