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Have you ever thought winter is more about dirt than snow?
Not in Russia!
Here you don’t need to climb up the mountains to have a decent snowball battle.
You get that exciting frost that wakes up your body and mind!
It makes you healthy and happy! You want to laugh and dance! Partly… because you can get cold standing…

You dream to get into a warm house with unforgettable smell of tea and pies!

Bring the correct clothes! Really warm but not just 3 sweaters and a raincoat!

Look at this boy in the picture! It's Glenn and it's his second trip to the Russian winter!

Do you know it was Russian winter that decimated Napoleon’s Grande Armée and messed up other foreign invaders’ plans!

So pack your bags rationally, dress accordingly and have fun!
Get ready to new exciting winter games, sports and fairs!
Don’t miss a sleigh ride and take memorable pics of your frozen red nose and cheerful eyes.

Don’t miss all the fun of local cuisine and hot beverages! It works like banya or sauna: hot-cold-hot!
Welcome to the Russian Winter! 

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Skating outdoors in Moscow parks: Gorky Park, Sokolniki, Hermitage garden!

Check out picturesque and lively skating rinks of Moscow!
Located in central Moscow these parks are transformed into spacious skating rinks.Here you can spend a wonderful day or a romantic evening gliding on a smooth surface of ice-covered paths!
Listen to lively music, have a cup of fragrant Russian tea and even try some national treat.

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Wintertime fun!

Actually, there are many more reasons why Russians love winter. Making a snowman, hills sledding, skiing, exploring a snowy landscape with friends! Such a fun to lay in the snow, throw it up and watch it falling down!

Keep your eyes on snowflakes with their unique design. Cut out a snowflake out of paper! Whose one is the best?

Enjoy looking at hoarfrost patterns on windows!

Everything looks so beautiful!


Whatever you like, you’ll probably find more then few ways to share our love to winter!

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Winter folklore games

Explore winter traditions and games of Russia!

Try getting a prize from the top of an ice pillar!

Win a snowball battle! Capture a Snow Fortress!

Everybody wins! Getting hot in a frosty air adds health to your body!

Don't forget or buy here nice winter mittens and a hat

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Russian Banya (Bathhouse)

Winter is probably the best time for Russian Banya! It gives the best extreme, trains your body in the mode "hot-cold-hot"!

Russian banya is a very special ritual and a very strong Russian tradition.

You definitely need to prepare for Banya, to get out of hustle and spend half a day there. Don't forget fragrant herbs to get a special steam and  a broom made of leafy branches of a birch or an oak. Banya will also get ready for your visit with its warmth and smell.

Wintertime is the best time for snow rubbing. Take snow in your hand and rub your body! You'll get the second birth.
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Ice Sculpture

Visit open-air museums of ice sculpture, or try wielding a chisel of an ice sculptor yourself.

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 Ice fishing

Pay a visit to a Russian fishing village and try fishing your supper out of a frozen lake!

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 Deer Sleighs

Yep, you’ve heard right. Don’t need to go to tundra to try this one. You can do it in Moscow, at the All Russia Exhibition Centre!

Get ready to meet real Russian Santa - Father Frost!