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 So, you’re ready to make your life more complicated, sir? Not afraid of azbuka? Well, buckle up! Our first-grades are not afraid as well, until they meet Tolstoy and Dostoevski.

You may meet those, who survived and made no retreats on poetic and prosaic salons, or visit homes and country-houses of your favorite authors. If Hollywood interpretations are too smooth for you, if you want to try the original flavor and discuss it with those, who appreciate it, welcome!
Whether it is Russian literature that calls to you, or you are prepared to take a course in Russian language, we admire your courage! Unsheathe your glasses and get ready for some book action!

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 The Russian Silver Age Museum

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  Evening in conversation language club "Общаться легко"

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 Arkhangelskiy park

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 DODO party

games, literature & contemprary language discussions, readings, making illustrations, meeting writers etc.

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 Mayakovsky Museum

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 Poligrafomania poets meeting

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 Tutchev's estate &Abramtsevo esate

A center for the Slavophile movement and artistic activity in the 19th century

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 Walking around literature Moscow making the video, pictures or tapes with our professional buddies

 You also can try:

Russian State Library

Chekhov Library

Any of the museums: Bulgakov Museum, Lermontov Museum

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 2-4 days trip to Tarusa

Place where in 1961 Konstantin Paustovsky fought to publish the famous book almanac “Tarusa Pages” (Russian: Тару́сские страницы), which became the only book in the Soviet Union which escaped Moscow-based central party censorship and offered its pages for various free-thinking and dissident writers.

Learning the literature history, having fun by the river in authentic village herritage.