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Actually, local cuisine is a bright mixture of national dishes from all over the Russia and ex-soviet countries, such as Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and so on. But in a way, you can always define it as "russian", because of the of the simplicity and unmistakable taste of a home-made food.

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Kamchatka Bar

Bar Kamchatka is a project by famous russian restaurateur Arkady Novikov. It reconstructs the atmosphere of soviet public beerbars, which were always loved for their good beer and cheap home-made food.

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Multiethnic Cuisine of Peoples of USSR

In this country you may try Russian blintz on day one, check out spicy Georgian kharcho on day two, eat your way through a plate of Armenian mantapour on the next day, and complete your quest by cooking your own Uzbek pilaf!

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Old Rus' Cuisine

Find out how life tastes for boyars, big fish negotiants and tzars. Wonder how they ate borsch without those great beards getting in the way.

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Soviet Union cuisine

This is what you face if you celebrate a holiday in a Russian family or restaurant. Festive dinner includes blintz with caviar, lots of picklings, Olivier salad, fruit assorties and a lot of high spirits. Mind you, some of these spirits are highly flammable. 

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Restaurants and Cafes

We'll find for you the best dining places in Moscow, just relax and be ready for a good meal.

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Babushka's Kitchen

Try homemade recepies from a treasury of everyday wisdom of a Russian Family: the beloved babushka (grandma)!