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Get a chance to see the land behind the Iron Curtain – that is new. That is something you couldn’t even hope to see thirty years ago. We shared kitchens with neighbors, secretly listened to the Beatles and were proud of our red ties. No one ever mentioned ‘Woodstock’ under fear of corporal punishment, sure. What's behind the experience of our parents? Grand history and little warm details of everyday life, political censorship and real cultural masterpieces, scaring true stories and beautiful nostalgic moments, empty shops and great creativity to cook tasty food while dearth and sew clothes by ourselves due to lacking of something better, strict rules and really warm-hearted people. Let us share our unique experience with you. Find out how it was for real under the streaming red flag, what life was on this side of the “Curtain”.

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Russian State Library (Lenin Library) and other soviet buildings

See how the “the bright future” was supposed to look like. Yearnings of communist utopia were embodied in these colossal installations. Under these halls soviet citizens worshiped the steely regime, or harbored rebellious thoughts.

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Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (VDNKh)

Living in a utopia, one has to remember how happy and plentiful his life is. Here comes in the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy. Watch aspiring fountains and rockets! See victorious statues of collective farmers and rich bronze bunches of wheat! This place is an endless celebration of a victory of communism!

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Soviet scientists’ daily life Museum

Ah, yes, the archetypical soviet scientist! You probably have one of these weird guys in every action movie relating to Russia. They are like secret agents, without the “martini” part. Or like geeks without comic books. This museum is about the daily life of every soviet citizen, actually. For any man or woman born in Russia before the 90s, this is the embodiment of the word “nostalgia”.

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Museum of Soviet cars

50% of Soviet jokes are about cars. Want to find out why? See the whole museum of these awkward devices. Governmental ones with predatory headlights, or rustic homemade frankensteines, they are a colorful illustration of their times.

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 Museum of Soviet Arcade Games Machines

This is what kids of soviet scientists played after school. Here you’ll find the most hardcore and oldschool arcade games ever made. Some of them look more like combat simulators for sailors and pilots. Sometimes we wonder, what was their actual purpose.

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Stalin’s Bunker

This was probably the most top secret place in the country once. Few such places survived the “grave robbers”, so it is a kind of Tutankhamun’s treasury for USSR. See theplace, spies from all over the world yearned to look at.

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SouzMultFilm Cartoon Studio

The thing the postmodern culture likes most about USSR is its cartoons. “Weird and surreal “, they say. Well, the same cartoons are deeply loved by both soviet kids and their families for being kind and hearty. Welcome to a paradox studio!